Extend the functionality of Leaflet through these third-party plugins.

Geocoding (Address Lookup)

Plugin Description
Leaflet GeoSearch Small geocoding plugin that brings address searching/lookup (aka geosearching) to Leaflet. Comes with support for Google, OpenStreetMap Nominatim, Bing, Esri and Nokia. Easily extensible.
Leaflet Control OSM Geocoder A simple geocoder that uses OpenstreetMap Nominatim to locate places by address.
Leaflet Control Bing Geocoder A simple geocoder control that uses Bing to locate places.
Leaflet Control Geocoder A clean and extensible control that uses Nominatim (OSM) or Bing to locate places. Easy to adapt for other providers.
Leaflet GeoIP Locator A simple plugin that allows finding the approximate location of IP addresses and map centering on said location.
Esri Leaflet Geocoder A geocoding control with suggestions powered by the ArcGIS Online geocoder.
Leaflet.OpenCage.Search A search plugin plugin that uses OpenCage Data’s geocoding API.

Routing and Route Search

Plugin Description
Leaflet Routing Machine Control for route search between waypoints, displaying itinerary and alternative routes. Currently uses OSRM to search routes.
Leaflet.Routing Leaflet controller and interface for routing paths between waypoints using any user provided routing service.
Route360° Route360° visualizes the area which is reachable from a set of starting points in a given time and gives detailed routing information (walk, bike, car and public transportation) to targets.